Create and Send Emails

Easy Formatting Tools
Our built-in WYSIWYG editor gives you total creative control of your content and your design. Style your text, add bullet points and links, and upload images. Use basic formatting tools or if you’re an advanced user, switch to the HTML view to insert or edit your own source code.

Step-By-Step Wizards
The easy to follow campaign creation wizard makes sure you don’t forget any of the critical steps, includes pop-up previews and the ability to check your work by emailing you test copies of your campaign before you really hit send.

Free Email Templates
Our library of free email templates provide you with creative inspiration and help you get started with creating your first campaign. We’re constantly updating the library to keep up with trends, and we’ve already done the legwork and tested the designs across all of the major email clients so you don’t have to.

Forward-to-a-Friend & Social Sharing Tools
It’s never been easier to encourage your readers to share your content. Insert our social media toolbar or add a forward-to-a-friend link to your campaign to allow them to pass along your great content.

Free Images & File Hosting
It’s always free to upload and host images and files for your campaigns. Use our easy image gallery to keep track of your files and keep them organized.

Locked Templates
Maintaining a consistent look and feel across all of your campaigns is easy with the locked templates feature. A single line of code makes sections of your template available for editing and locks others so that no matter who is creating campaigns, you can rely on them to always look as they should.

Campaign Previews*
With a single click, you can generate previews of your campaign in all of the major email clients, on mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry and iPad, so you can make sure that everything looks great for everyone, before you hit send.

* there is an additional fee for this service (but it’s well worth it!)

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