Email Delivery & Authentication

Email Authentication
We help to ensure that your email is authenticated – meaning that it’s not a forgery – so it doesn’t get blocked by strict filters. Whether it’s DKIM, DomainKeys, SenderID or SPF authentication, we manage proper authentication setup and customize your tracking domains so that your reputation is yours alone.

Customer Induction Process
We want to make sure all of our customers get up and running easily and are starting off with a good reputation right off the bat. Our deliverability team performs standard domain and IP reputation checks, confirms that you’re following best practices like confirmed opt-in list building and not committing any email content faux pas.
Whitelisting & Best Practices
Implement whitelisting with major ISPs and assist our customers with establishing best practices for developing content, managing (and maintaining) list hygiene and provide in-product tools like Spam Assassin and Litmus which can test your content to ensure it doesn’t trigger spam filters.

Manage proper authentication setup – DKIM, Domain Keys, SenderID and SPF – and customize your tracking domains to ensure your domain reputation is yours alone, preventing any unexpected domain reputation issues.
Feedback Loop Programs
Monitor feedback loops in real-time and give you easy access to this data so you can better monitor data for your clients. With data that drills down to individual complaints, or organizes feedback by domain and overall complaint rates, you’re able to easily flag individual clients when their complaint rates require some intervention.

Reputation Monitoring
We maintain feedback loop programs and in addition, monitor black lists, ISP blocking, IP reputation, abnormal metrics (like too many bounces) and perform deliverability audits and log data-mining that help to resolve problems. We work closely with ISPs to resolve email filtering, blocking and other deliverability issues and request white listing.

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