Manage Contact Lists

List Segmentation
Send targeted, relevant campaigns to groups of subscribers within a single list. Specify your criteria based on what data your subscribers have shared with you (like gender, geographic location or job title), or previous activity (like opening your last campaign).

Unsubscribe and Bounce Management
Add a simple (and automatic) unsubscribe link to your campaign, and we’ll automatically manage unsubscribe requests so those contacts are removed from your list. We also keep track of bounces and automatically remove those addresses that no longer exist or are deemed to be invalid, or unreachable after a set period of time.

Subscription Form HTML Code
Create a unique signup form on your website for every list you manage. Just copy and paste the HTML code we provide and you’ll be growing your contact lists in no time flat.

Opt-In Process
We adhere to list building best practices and only use a confirmed opt-in or verified/single opt-in process for our built-in list management.

Bulk Unsubscribe
Remove large groups of email addresses from your list in one fell swoop. This is perfect for those who manage external or hard-copy do-not-email or suppression lists. Just remember to remove those who no longer want to receive your emails or those who belong on a suppression list in a timely fashion!

Subscriber History
View activity history for individual subscribers and see what a particular subscriber has opened recently, and what links they’ve clicked. Find out if they’ve unsubscribed, reported complaints, or just haven’t been reading your emails at all.

Manage Subscribers
Create as many contact lists as you like, and manage an unlimited number of subscribers.

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